Friday, August 31, 2007

Ekaterina Scam

I think I eventually figured out the whole story of the Russian girl who called herself Ekaterina Sannikova and claims she lives in Tomsk in Siberia. I named her E. S. in my previous posts. This week I received an e-mail from her indicating that she’s in Moscow, has received her visa and the only thing she needed is a $220 for a return ticket! I asked her to send me the account number of the travel agency so I could pay the difference. She then send me a copy of a passport page indicating a visa starting Sep.08 and valid for a month. She insisted that she is real and asked me to help her to get here.
I found a very good way last night: I e-mailed the embassy of Canada in Moscow and told them my problem. Those are very nice people, like most of the organizations and offices you go to. They said that while they are not allowed to tell me anything about any visa issuance based on their privacy policy, they can say by just looking at the page that it is a forged document.
They also directed me to a Russian dating website where people reveal what has happened to them with Russian scams! The funny thing is Ekaterina Sannikova who writes me lives in Tomsk, as I said before while a girl with the same name lives in Yoshkar-Ola and writes (Or better to say used to write) to another called Greg . That’s the girl whom you see her photo above who’s completely different from the Ekaterina who write to me! I guess what has happened is probably an Ekaterina Sannicova once received a visa from Canada and then that page was sold or simply passed to whoever attempted to makes a few bucks out of Canadian guys, by her!
The guy, Greg, was scammed out a bit more than US $2000! I guess I’m not only smarter because I could smell the rat and find out the real story but also luckier because the scammer only tried to get US $220 from me. I just e-mail the embassy in Moscow and thanked them and I’m goin’ to e-mail the girl and tell her that I know that she’s fake. I’ll wait for her response and I’ll post, if there’s any.
But one question remains: If she’s Ekaterina Sannikova, who’s the girl we see her photo here?I’m asking this because she asked me to send her the money through Western Union using that name. The only possibility is she could go to any bank or credit agency and introduces herself as Ekaterina Sannikova and get the money because she also gave me three addresses of three different Russian banks.
I might contact the embassy again and seek for legal advice or may be Interpol. Why not? I can do something: I can send money to one of those banks and set up a trap and when she goes to get the money, they arrest her! But you can’t arrest people because they are getting money from their accounts! But you can do arrest them if it is proved that you’re using a fake identity to get money. Right? That’s a good point. After all I’m a troublemaker. I must do that. Wait for more.
(Photo: Ekaterina Sannikova who started writing me [left] and the other E. S. who scamed a guy for $2000! My guess is none of these girls' name is what really they claim it is. I e-mailed the one who writes me and told her that I know who really she is not! I'm waiting for a response!)

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