Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Chess Players

I went to Burnaby to get a package sent by Mom from DHL last week. The asshole came all the way to my apartment and without phoning or buzzing just stuck a note on the entrance, two times. Can you imagine someone this much stupid? So my advice to you is never ever send anything by DHL unless it’s business related. If it’s residential building, you just waste your money.
Anyways I got there and it was pouring and the damn shoes was leaking! Again don’t buy any shoe from The Shoe Warehouse. I paid almost $110 for this pair and after 2 min. it’s like you’re walking barefoot! It’s actually even worse because your socks absorb water and get heavy! I’m getting off the road. So I’m in there and there’s a young East Indian fellow probably 15 or 16 and you know how they are mostly not open. The girl grabbed our receipts and said that she would be back in a few min. I said that we would be playing chess. I always joke around and people like that. Then I told the young fellow that I had watched a movie that two people were playing chess in their minds! He said that he had recently watched that movie with his dad but couldn’t recall the title. I still can’t ‘cause that was years ago. Then I thought that could have been The Chess Players directed by Satyajit Ray and told him. He didn’t know anything about the movie and the director but knew it was not an Indian movie.
I watched that movie years ago partially in IRIB and I stress partially because foreign movies in IRIB are always played partially and cut and also for whatever reason, perhaps studying, I didn’t watch the whole movie and can’t recall much of it. I think it’s about two people who are so into chess that they forget about everything including their wives and the women get involved in affairs and so.
I’m goin’ to either rent or buy the movie and in the meantime let me know the title of the other one if you find it.
(Photo: Satyajit Ray, the Indian film director)

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