Thursday, December 25, 2008

True Meaning of Christmas

It’s Christmas today and I’m home now. Might go out for a little walk. I asked three people, all Christians, about the meaning of Christmas tree and other Christmas stuff, two had no idea at all, the other one knew a little! What a bunch of jerks! I mean how the fuck do you do something that you don’t even know what it means?! You should be a real jackass!
S. T. told me that the idea of decorating an evergreen tree for Christmas has come from Germany. He, I believe is a religious Christian. Different Christians believe in different Jesus' birthday, but most agree on Dec. 25.
After all I know Christmas has been turn to a big shopping festival all across Canada, the US and Europe and then also assholes in the countries which are not even Christian! It was said once that retailers have over 30% of their annual sale in Christmas, something that I easily believe. It was though in the news last night the Americans’ spending for holiday has dropped 6% while their earning has dropped only 2%. I, myself needed many things, essentially, not luxury items, as explained but decided not to buy, as don’t know what will happen even tomorrow. Who does?!

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