Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dion’s Avenge Goes in Vain

The three opposition parties formed a coalition to overthrow Harper’s new government. The reason was Harper wanted to cut back the public funds to the parties and that drove them mad. The Conservatives is the only party who’s not heavily dependent of the said source for his expenses.
Dion who’s under pressure from part of his caucus to resign, accused Harper of directed the country in the wrong direction. So did the NDP and Block’s leader. While Harper condemn what they had done, the parties expressed that same kind of coalition could have been formed when Harper is election race a few years ago.
Another election could have cost millions of dollars again and Harper simply didn’t want Dion who’s frustrated after his loss to become the Prime Minister that easy. So he asked The Governor General who was on a European trip to shot down the Parliament! She immediately came back and did that and now the Parliament is closed until Jan.26.
I, as mentioned earlier, didn’t vote in the last election but the Conservative has formed a minority government and I think, in this disgusting, unstable situation everybody should help the government, no matter who’s in it, to protect the economy. So I agree with what the Governor General did regardless the fact that might be considered dictatorship.

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