Sunday, December 14, 2008

Se7en Sins after 13 Years!

1- Greed (An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth)
2- Sloth (aversion to work, laziness, indolence)
3- Pride
4- Envy
5- Glutton (a person who eats or consumes immoderate amount of food or drink)
6- Lust (intense or unrestrained sexual desire)
7- Wrath
No! This is not what I’ve done in past 13 years. Or maybe I did! May be I committed some of ‘em! Let’s see:
1- I’ve never been the one with greed. I actually am against this and has clearly stated by my behaviour and also in my posts. A. J. is a good example, a person who does anything to gain money. That’s a different story but it’s mainly because he was deprived of everything when he was child and then after marriage he found someone who’s being looked down by his wife’s family and has been suffering from that ever since!
2- It’s something that I’ve never think of. I might be called workaholic and energetic. Who could work for Cargill Foods for more than 4 years and also get so close to all those fucking awesome jobs and then simply looses them!?
3- I might have been proud at times. That you could say.
4- Never! I’ve never been jealous or envied anyone. That’s probably why I never gain anything! Because I think what I am and what I have is good enough and better than the most!
5- I would be probably 250 to 300 Lbs not 185, if I was a glutton. I like eating and actually I eat too much at times but exercise and can, not eating for long periods as well.
6- That’s something would, for sure, made me laugh, if was told so. I think my sex drive is even below average! Sometimes I think of number of women and girls whom could be so happy with my one night stand and it never happened! I hope I never have problem with my significant permanent other!
7- This one could be a problem and I’m working on it, seriously but I might need a therapist.
The seven deadly sins of Christianity is what the movie Se7en is based upon but S. T. My British partner who’s fairly religious doesn’t believe this. I didn’t argue with him or asked more but he said that the sins were originally the 10 commandants.
Anyways Se7en was filmed in 1995 and I downloaded it in 2003 and just watched it last night, after more than 5 years! It’s a wonderful movie. Pitt and Freeman are simply fine. It’s the story that keeps your eyes on the screen. I think the movie won one Academy Award for it screenplay. It definitely goes to my favourite movies and highly recommended ones.
(Photo: A set of coffee cups representing the seven deadly sins. Some believe in another set of sevens which is not goin' to be covered here!)

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