Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Pleasant and B-e-a-utiful Day

Today I experienced personally one of the most beautiful scenes that I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. I’m still thrilled after almost 8 hours. Here’s what happened:
There’s this bar and there’s a guy who always parks where he’s not supposed to. He has a big truck and a trailer attached to it. I gave him a verbal warning once and then a warning ticket. The third time I saw him I gave him a real ticket and he said that he would meet with me the day after to discuss the situation and I obviously explained to him that I only enforce the law, I don’t legislate it or whatever you call. Then I ticketed him another time. So the number of tickets rose to 3.
Today I was driving and saw him parked there, this time in a way that no vehicle, specifically mine could get through. So I stopped in the middle of the road and ask J. M. to issue a citation, this time for obstruct. As he started I got out and took a photo and called the supervisor and explained the situation. He confirmed what we were doing. As soon as I finished my photography, the guy came out and said that he was parked on private property! He called the sidewalk and the street private property and didn’t care about blocking the roadway. J. M. said that it was city property and that drove the guy so mad. He started shouting and swearing like hell. I got into the vehicle and so did J. M. As I was backing up to get the hell out of there I saw the hotel people who were looking out the windows and we saw the guy took the ticket from the windshield and threw it away!
J. M., the idiot, whom has been told that should be careful around the neighbourhood, learnt a good lesson today, I guess. I had told him that we are surrounded by dangerous and violent people and we risk our lives every day when we’re at work and he denies all the time. So today was a good example for him. I told him that the guy took two steps toward him and was about to throw a swing at him. He believed that and added that the guy was drunk too. I don’t know if he was but he was not a very bad guy the two times that I talked to him. I also encouraged him to write a report but the asshole cannot write so just put a few words in the book. I added that he would have to talk to the supervisor. And he said he would! So I had a very good time today and I’m goin’ to mention that to J. M. every day from now on. May be he forgets that he’s a perfect guy and listens to everybody else.


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