Saturday, December 20, 2008

Higher Cost of Living

I went to the closest Safeway to get a medication for this damn muscle spasm which has bothering me since Thu., my first day off and had a look at the rice isle as I need to buy some. A bag of Basmati rice of that brand which I don’t recall at the moment is sold for almost $20 now. The exact same brand and weigh, (10 lb), I remember once I bought from a Safeway in Calgary for $14 and that was mid. 2006. It means the price of that product is 1.43 times higher now.
I got the same amount of rice from Superstore under the brand of No Name and it was not so bad and cost me only $11. It’s obviously not as good as that one but in this shit situation, I think I better spend as less as possible.
But Mom says something brilliant. She says better to spend more on a quality product and consume just enough, not more. So I’ll see which one works for me.
But it was mostly blamed on the high price of gasoline and gas is sold under ¢85 a litre now. It, I think was being used as a scapegoat only. At the same time the price of vehicles are goin' down. Look at a few examples I have here:
  • New 08 Pontiac G5: $9988
  • 08 Toyota Yaris Hatchback: $9988 (The last offer I had and it was almost 3 months ago was over $15000 for an older model and I was approved but escaped!)
  • 08 Chevy Cobalt: $9988
  • 08 Toyota Corolla $13888 ( I was goin' to buy a 04 for more than $16000 just 3 months ago from a motherfucker Chinese but didn't get approved and was rejected! Hope those motherfuckers are bankrupt now!)

It's hard for me to decide as it's very uncertain situation now. I think and am quite sure that I'll be hired for the next year but just am afraid of risking. I will need a reliable and nice vehicle nevertheless when my family comes.

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