Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crime of Passion, not Profit

I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho a few days ago. What a great movie. Unbelievable! A movie like that made in 1962 equals hundreds of craps they make these days and they are just waste of time and money. The movie is amongst the ones I downloaded them in 2003.
There are sequels to that but I’m not interested. Notorious is another one and I guess these two are the only ones from Hitchcock that I downloaded them. I made a list of the movies that I have on DVD and CD and it turned out to be a total of 226 titles. I got rid a number of them which happen to be cheap stupid ones, all the ones Resurrect (Ray or Reza the Microbe) had brought them from his brother-in-law video store, the one which he ran later and then had to sell it and lost a lot! Idiot.
I’m not goin’ to tell the story of that crime here which eventually is known as a crime of passion not profit, as the main character, who actually is a two-face or two character man, commits. So if you like suspense and horrors, Hitchcock is the best and Psycho probably one of his best.
(Photo: A shocking scene from the movie, a woman is using a dagger, stabbing someone in the shower. You won't find out to the end who she really is!)

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