Friday, December 12, 2008

Long Overdue Just Has Been Done

Stephan Dion finally stepped down as the leader of the Liberal Party. That could have been one of the most stupid mistakes ever the Liberal did in the history of their existence: putting Dion as the head of the team. He appeared for the last time in a video which was horrible: Blur picture, same English illiteracy and bad accent, etc. Michael Ignatieff eventually got appointed as the leader. No campaign, no banner, no party. The other two candidates simply stepped away and made the path clear for him. Ignatieff was being accused for two things which prevented him from being leader in that last campaign:
1- Showing sympathy to Hezbollah and Lebanese in 2006 short war between Israelis and Hezbollah.
2- Living abroad for a long time and not being aware of Canadian politics as a result of that.
But the Liberals, I guess, didn’t have anybody else and had to use him. Rae, a close friend of him who at the beginning looked like that wanted to start a long battle, changed his mind and the other one did the same before.
Now with the Parliament shut down until Jan. 26 we wait to see what will happen after that, what Ignatieff bring to the scene and how ready Harper is.
(Photo: Israeli mechanized artillery in 2006 Hezbollah-Israel war. Like the way Michael Jackson states in the beginning of his fabulous video, Thriller, showing Israeli tanks firing at Lebanese territory doesn’t imply any sympathy to Hezbollah or Lebanese)

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