Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ghost Dog

One movie out of tens that I downloaded a few years ago, could be 5 years ago (Gosh! What a waste of life I’ve had so far!) is Ghost Dog. I just wanna say that it’s a great movie and a must see for sure, no doubt. The story just ends too soon, though. That’s the only problem with the film. And guess who the star is? Forest Whitaker. He became famous after he received an Oscar for the best actor in The Last King of Scotland. I have seen another movie of him and that’s Panic Room and that one is great one too.
There’re a few points in the movie which either the director or screenwriter/author wants to mention:

1- Elderly people watching cartoon while pretending reading book. Or watching cartoons as their first hobby.

2- The best friend of the main character of the movie is someone who doesn’t speak the language he does! They communicate and remain friends, play chess and everything.

3- A quiet and calm dog at times appears in front of Ghost Dog and stares at him!

4- Most importantly, the main character of the movie who’s a black man, bases his life on a Samurai book, which gives amazing advices.

You figure out what they are implying by the said points and let me know while I’m goin’ to find out more about the book and post here.
(Photo: Forest Whitaker as Ghost Dog and rapper RZA in a scene of the movie. This is the only scene that you can see RZA. Kind of Hitchcock tip!)

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