Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nov. Result

I didn’t have much time to do my Cooper Test exercise in Nov. That’s mostly a result of this stupid time frame of work. I most of the time have to start at 12:00 and finish at 20:30. Basically there’s time for nothing.
I performed my exercise only 9 days while the usual count is 15 at least. The result is not so bad. There are things that I have to consider for this month and after:

1- Always use the same treadmill. (This is not possible though!)
2- 14:00 to 17:00 is the best time of exercise. Don’t pass 18:00.
3- Gym attire is important as well. Don’t put on long sleeve and other clothing that make you sweet like a big.
4- Concentrate on the run especially in that last minute and half.
Let’s hope the above prescription helps.
(Photo: The horizontal axes is days and the vertical is time. No need to say that it was not nice consecutive days. May be I show the empty days in the next chart. Would be helpful)

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