Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Huge Lie from Capitalists

It was provincial election day yesterday in Brit"Shit" Columbia. It was an ordinary day for me though! I don't believe in any of these crap! Election, democracy, freedom of speech, human right! These are terms that these motherfucker rednecks use here in this Capitalist society to fool us people.

But let's have a quick look at the stupid election of yesterday, not to mention that BC Election sent me voting card or whatever that fuck is and I threw it away:

Like the national elections, there are candidates who are representatives of parties in the election. The party which wins more numbers of seats, represent the province, the Premier. So in this election there were only 2 parties competing! What a great democracy! Even the Conservatives were out! And then finally the fucking animal piece of shit, the drunk driver, Campbell was elected for the third term!

But what impact it has for me and people like me? Nothing! We're all being treated like we used to. The general rules of the society remains the same: You're a foreigner, you're an immigrant, you're different from a Caucasian Canadian. You'll receive a different type of service, which I should stress, lower quality service it is, from Caucasians.

Anyways that's how it works and I'm sure that I will never vote in any provincial or national election until the day it literally proves to me that people, the candidates are doing something for me and people like me. That day, I assume, will never come.
(Photo: This is Hawaii Police mug shot of Campbell from either 2002 or 2003, when he was arrested for drinking and driving. This piece of crap is the Premier of a Province!!! How could you show your fucking stupid face, you motherfucker animal, here in Canada after that incident?! You, prick, are shameless!)


m said...

"I will never vote in...until the day..."

that was a great Idea,,,
good luck,

کاناداجون در کانادا said...

اخیرا یک موسسه پاریسی اقدام به انتشار گزارشی درباره خوشحالترین مردم دنیا کرده. طبق این آمار کشور کانادا در رده ششم جهان قرار گرفته. این خودش نشان دهنده اینه که خیلی از مردم کانادا از زندگی در این کشور راضی هستن.

The Tough Guy said...

So do I!