Saturday, May 02, 2009

Good Kick

I watched part of the game of assholes of Vancouver and the guys of Chicago Blackhawks and must admit I enjoy a lot. A team which uses bunch of Swedish pricks deserves a 3-6 loss in his hometown. I really wanted to be in Downtown and look at the faces of those jerks who wear that stupid Jersey of Vancouver! That old scum, what's his name? another Swedish twat who's playing his last games where supposed to help these losers but he passed out!

Anyways enough of showing hatred! I hope the "Shit"couver loses the next two games in Chicago and then they are out of Playoffs.
(Photo: Roberto Loser watches the puck going in to the net in the disgraceful loss to Chicago)

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Bye bye canada said...


Thanks for visiting my weblog and your comment.

I do not think people can make a living by using "only" the walfare. The thing is most people use it as their second and third (their spouse) income! and ironically, you and me support this by paying taxes to the "cheap" canadian goverment.

I like your take on the problems we have here in Canada too.

The smallest influence we might have by writing about the "REAL" problems justifies this move.

Keep up the good job,


Bye bye canada