Sunday, May 10, 2009

Canucks Out!

I went to do a little shopping last night and it was like walking in a cemetery during the week! Yes! It was shortly after the professional hockey team of Brit"Shit" Columbia had lost to Chicago and had been eliminated! Everybody was shut up! They lost in Vancouver while having ice advantage! Now there's a good solution for the homeless people of this province, specially the Downtown Eastside: Just vacant the GM Place and make it a big shelter for the poor people! Send those twin assholes back to Sweden, Luongo to Florida and the bald guy to Toronto 'cause this team is just a shame!
(Photo: Checkmate! Luongo is frozen solid after the Chicago's win! He's thinking of going back to FL!)
(Correction: That was not the last game, actually. The asshole Canucks got eliminated the day after the game. They lost 2-4 to Chicago)

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