Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Battle Starts!

Just one day after my post about the green action of Superstore regarding the plastic bags I noticed a little online poll in YAHOO Canada about plastic bags asking: Have you started using reusable grocery bags?
75% have answered YES so far. and there's a little report on the bags below reads that the reusable bags are dangerous because they are infected by a kind of bacteria! It says that the plastic industry hired labs and they investigated and concluded that 65% of bags are contaminated by harmful bacteria! Obviously the guys are losing their business and millions of dollars every year, if not billions, and although it won't be very hard for them to invest on something else but because it needs time, money and effort, they're not happy about it. Many people still are using the plastic bags because they're simply easier to use. Every time you're leaving home you gotta remember to take the damn bag with you and you might wanna buy something on your way back home and you have not the damn bag on you so simply, again, get a plastic bag. Also they could be used as trash bag.
So who's gonna win?


تهرانتویی – یک تهرانی در تورنتو said...

یک وبلاگ جدید راه اندازی کرده ام در موضوع تیراندازی ورزشی و شکار و مقررات مربوط به آن در انتاریو و کانادا که امیدورام مورد استقبال قرار بگیرد. نام آن "قورخانه مبارکه" است.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tough Guy,

Thank you for your visit and your kind words. The previous comment was not left by me, but as it seems some unknown friend has advertised both of my blogs.

Nevertheless, his/her effort has found me a new friend in Vancouver!

Thank you again for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I just read your post about the Tripods trilogy. I have them in English and their ebooks in Farsi.

If I remember correctly, BBC tried to make mini-series out of that story in early 1980s but it didn't get much audience and after three episodes they canceled the show.

Haven't yet managed to find those few episodes.


The Tough Guy said...

Thanks! I didn't know that. I always thought the trilogy is attractive enough to make a blockbuster out of it. Don't you think?