Saturday, May 09, 2009

Big Mistakes

I look at me and my situation now and I see shit! And then I rethink and ask why I am here? I have the answer: Because of the stupid mistakes I made. I'm naming them for you so you don't get into the shit I'm at the moment:
1- Moving to Brit"Shit" Columbia was one big mistake. There's no fucking job in here unless you work in a supermarket or coffee shops! Don't get fooled by the assholes you might see in Downtown Vancouver, having their nose in the sky, sipping glasses of wine or chewing on $6 breakfast sandwiches (which you can make it tastier and healthier half priced!) they either have these job through their fathers and friends or fucked their way all the way up. This stupid province is overpopulated and the weather is miserable. It's just good to visit.
2- Selling my car. I sold my brand new car after only 2.5 year while had under 30,000 KM on it. I had paid most of the payment and my insurance was reasonable. Now I have to start over and a brand new car will cost me at least $400 a month while the motherfucker thieves in ICBC will charge you a lot for the insurance as the company is run by the motherfucker Government of Brit"Shit" Columbia!
3- Staying away from my field. I failed a few exams and interviews. I was so discouraged and disappointed that I put everything down and went for the shitty jobs that take me no where. It's no so hard to go back though but I wasted so much time and lost so many opportunity.
Learn from my mistakes and save yourselves from shit!


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your experience!
is it " I look at me" or "I look at myself"?!

The Tough Guy said...

I look at me is correct, my friend. If you're first language is Persian, it's a common mistake because people mostly think that they should translate word by word which is not right. Let me know if there's anything else that you want to know. I'll be alway glad to help, if I'm able to.