Friday, May 15, 2009

Keep All the Options Open

I have applied for quite a number of jobs in the last 10 months. The best one that I lost after 2 interviews and I regret a lot about it was the one with McElhanney. I almost got the permanent position but at the end the interviewer decided to go with someone who also has Civil Engineering knowledge.
Then the rest are mostly categorized as enforcement. I failed three, have three in progress and one is in unknown. One of the assholes that I'm not going to mention the name says: ... manage your life based on the fact you may not achieve your goal with us ...! And then adds: ... these words may sound discouraging to you ... !
What an ass! Of course it is. And why do you think they say so? Because these people is so fucking stupid and lazy at the same time! They say to themselves: We send this letter to the applicants and bunch of them don't show up at the exam! So a huge load of work is off of our shoulders!
So the challenge must go on until the day that the desired position is obtained.

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