Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tripods

I'm a big fan of science-fiction and have a big collection of books and movies. One of the books that I enjoyed a lot reading it and that was years ago is The City of Gold and Lead. It's part of a trilogy, three books written by British author, John Christopher, which actually is a pseudonym for Samuel Youd. The other two books that I enjoyed as much and probably have read them more than 20 times each are The Pool of Fire and The White Mountains.
I always thought that must be movies made based on these fantastic stories. War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise is based on a story by H. G. Wales, Soylent Green is based on a novel by Harry Harrison and so are the others. So why not the tripod trilogy? Even War Games had been made.
But didn't find any answer to that! May be because the characters of the story are kids in their 13 or 14. But so do War Games actor and actress! I really should find out! Nevertheless I found out that a prequel was published in 1988, called When The Tripods Came but obviously I never noticed until now.
With all the movies are being made these days are mostly prequels, sequels or remakes why is nobody thinking of turning these tree wonderful stories to another Star Wars? May be I should contact Steven Spielberg or James Cameron!
(Photo: Cover of the last story of the three books of John Christopher)


m said...

I had this Idea about ''dancing slave'' too , these are graet novels,,,

in the other hand , every body has his own movie of a novel in his mind ,, and by producing the movie of a book ,,, every body protests : no ! this is not what it should be !

The Tough Guy said...

I have no idea about that! I even searched and sound nothing. Are you sure that's the right title?

m said...

sorry, I was wrong about the name ,,

"slave dancer",, by Paula Fox ,,

it is about a boy who was kidnapped to serve on a slave ship ,,

I love to see it's movie ,,