Saturday, May 09, 2009

What the F is Wrong?!

Over the few years that I've been living at this part of the globe, I've witnessed so many problems, the ones that threaten people's well being that I think it's now the time to write a bit about it. I'm not trying to be a critic all the time but I wondered why.
First it was SARS and then Mad Cow Disease and then Avian Flu and now Swine Flu! Why so much shit in here, in a country that is called a wealthy and developed one!?
I believe there are a few factors involved:
1- Due to the high labour rates, most of the industries don't hire enough people in inspection areas.
2- Most of the animals grown here in North America are feed anti-biotic, by-products and other chemicals. So do the fruits and vegetables. Then you can see what kind of shit you have to digest and absorb, most of the time in your daily meal!
3- Again due to the shortage of workers, which comes from the saves that the governments make, there are not enough qualified and honest people at the borders. So every crap could be slided in and who knows what kind of bacteria or virus they carry!
So you see while in a Third World country people might not do their job appropriately because of not receiving enough remuneration, here in North America there are other reasons that trigger a problem.
I just pointed at a few things but the issue could be analyzed more in depth and other factors could be brought up and discussed.

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