Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Worse than Winter

Everybody complain about the long winter of Canada and the cold weather, snow storms, white outs and other climate catastrophes. I say summer is worth than winter!
Why? It's summer is so looooooooooooong! Damn it!
I usually have sleep problems is summers! Take an example: Today's sunrise to sunset is 15.68 hours and civil twilight is 1.34 hours which in total makes 17.01 hours! That is 70.875% of the damn 24 hours of a day!
How the hell am I supposed to sleep? So what I do is I usually put a few curtains over the main curtain of the window to block the light!
Long days is not the only problem of the summers. People usually go crazy in summer as well! It's like an animal who has been put in a cage for a long time and then you release it! It wants to jump up and down! climb up everything and run around! People are like that here in Canada. They storm out after 8 months of either snow and cold weather or pissing rain! I don't blame them entirely for their mad behaviour!

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