Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Step Forward, One Step Back

I like the new policy of the Superstore: Plastic bags now 5 cents each. That still doesn't help much but it's a good beginning. At the same time McDonald's just presented the new coffee cups which are phenomenal and that's one action not green! The new cup which actually should be sent to the market in winter, keeps the coffee hot, it doesn't spill and the cup does not burn your palm. But all these means that it remains in the cycle for a longer time and that's what we doen't want for the environment.
That's one thing I wanted to say about to say in this post and another one which I would like to stress is that the cup is another reason that go to McDonald's for a cup of coffee. In compare to Tim Horton's and other coffee shops, McDonald's coffee's healthier because of the type of the coffee they brew which has less caffeine, it's in a better cup, they charge you less, refill is always free and at the end you never get tempted by those stupid sugary, greasy doughnats! I don't even mention Starbucks because that one fucked up company: The coffee is horrible and the people with their nose in the sky go in there as they believe they get styled!

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