Sunday, May 17, 2009

Avoiding Income Tax

I've written about different types of taxes which are applicable to different people here in Canada and also have told stories. Things that really have happened. But what I haven't mentioned yet is how people avoid paying income tax.
I remember once I was told that Vietnamese guys in Cargill bring young girls to Otto or at least offer him and others regularly! I was surprised because someone who actually works as a pimp makes enough money that has not to work a hard labour job. Not to mention that type of the guy is not a working type. So I asked that question. They said that was a great income without tax on it!
The convenience stores you see all around the city and are mostly ran by Chinese or Koren people, those are also amongst the tax skippers! If you have noticed they rarely accept credit card and even a debit. All they demand is cash! I never step in one because I know those motherfucker's stories. Nevertheless the prices are unreasonable. Why the fuck should I pay $3.5 for an ice cream cone while I can simply buy it on my way home from a supermarket and along with other needs for only $1.85?!
There're many people who have incomes from abroad and obviously they never reveal that. I know two motherfucker pieces of crap, stingy shitheads who are still receiving their pension while having jobs here. There might be many people who have to work after the age of retirement but the CRA is aware of that and has control over it but these cheaters hide it:
One motherfucker used to work for a bank and now runs a restaurant in Calgary called Atlas. God knows how much he makes every year! The other one, you wouldn't believe this one, used to come and go until he got retired from his job abroad and here he bought an eighteen wheeler and does driving to the US, back and forth! And the guy used to be a factory manager! I once saw him with my own eyes doing cleaning for probably $8 to $10 cash an hour! Money is everything for some people. They even sell their wives to obtain more.
There are probably many other ways to avoid paying tax but these are the only ones that I'm familiar with and none of them work for me!


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