Friday, May 01, 2009

April's Practice

I have to post the results of Cooper Test practice for the month of April as usual. It was not good again, both in terms of quality and quantity. The best length I've ever had is 1.45 miles and last month I got only 1.44, three times. I'm goin' to need 1.5 at least. But the only good thing in March was that I did 5 nights in a row of cycling. It was almost 20 KM with a long hill to pedal up and I did it between 01:20 and 02:30 AM! Sure it was very hard but I accomplished that and I hope it helped to get better time on my practice.
(Photo: Bar chart for the month of March)


Anonymous said...

what's cooper test? why u do that?

The Tough Guy said...

Cooper Test is a test of physical fitness, designed by an American named Kenneth Cooper. If you simply search for it in the Net, will find the detail and also what should be yours. I have to do that because of my job.