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A Comparison Between Crimea and Kosovo

One topic was discussed with me briefly by someone whom I'm not going to mention anything about, last week and was very interesting. I think it could be a very good topic for discussion, of course not in Canada and the US as this is where people's motto is I Don't Care but I'd like to post it here because I knew nothing about this and find it very interesting and at the same time felt bad for the one who brought it to my attention:
The person is from former Yugoslavia, very heart-broken that the country is torn apart by the West's tricks and has become more than so-called independent states. This has been a policy of West: Divide and Conquer. This is what the British did to Indian Sub-continent. They torn apart the big country of India to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. And even after dividing the country they didn't left them alone. They supported local movements for independence. Sikhs in northwestern part of the country wanted to have an autonomous state of Khalistan. Tamils were fighting for years in the northern part of Sri Lanka for the independent state of Tamils and so forth. 
Former Soviet Union is another example but I'm not quite certain as which theory could be proven right. One theory states that Russia wanted to officially get rid of the poor states of the former Soviet Union such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc and then unofficially profit from them. Many citizens of the said states work low-paid labour jobs in Russia now. The other theory is the same as what was explained earlier: Divide and Conquer. The west torn the former Soviet Union and now there's no major competitor for them. They can rule the world much easier. This cannot be quite right because now Russia and China are the biggest threats to West's profit-making plans of the world. Not to mention other countries which are not sitting back quietly. Iran and Venezuela are example. At the end you'll never now what theory is right. It's complicated and twisted. It's an enigma wrapped in layers of mysteries! And as it's said in JFK: White is black and black is white. You think of something and it might be completely different from what you have in mind. 
Now back to Divide and Conquer plans of past few years. Yugoslavian War resulted in birth of a few small ruined and weakened countries. Serbians had the majority in the country and after the war they remained the villains. In the south there were Albanians whom were let in during and after the WWII by Tito and now they wanted an independent state! They created the so-called KLA, standing for Kosovo Liberation Army. They fought Serbs with the help of Albanians and then NATO. NATO is of course the military fist of West. They were happy that a small country of former Yugoslavia were becoming smaller and weaker so they helped KLA and in fact Albanian. While a war was going in south, NATO forces started bombing everything worth bombing in north and central Serbia. Bridges, hospitals and schools. The country's infrastructure was gone in a week. I remember watching on TV people crossing rivers on boats because there were no bridge left undamaged. This was being done without The UN's approval. That's why Gene Simmons called the UN, pathetic. I kind of agree with him as a Jew I don't think he should have said that because the UN has acted in favour of the Jewish State in most cases but letting them ignoring its resolutions! 
Anyways Kosovo declared independence with the assistance of West in 2008 while the majority of countries do not recognize it as a country and tensions are high in southern Serbia.
This map shows the newly built autonomous state of Crimea in southern Ukraine, a majority Russian region. 
At another corner of the world, not too far from Serbia, we have Ukraine, Russia and Crimea peninsula in south. Crimea became part of Ukraine after WWII. This was granted by Khrushchev but giving Crimea away didn't mean what some might think as Ukraine was part of Soviet Union. When the USSR, or as it was called by the Soviets, CCCP, collapsed, Russia still had its Black Sea fleet in Crimea and the majority of population of the peninsula were Russians. So a referendum was called and of course this didn't sound good to West. People voted for separation from Ukraine. That drove Ukrainians as well as Western Allies crazy. The question here is why an independent Kosovo is acceptable but an independent Crimea is not in the view of West? The answer is simple: Ukraine turned his back to the motherland and became a ass-kisser of West. Western countries called the referendum unlawful. In their view Crimea could not be an independent state and an ally of Russia while Kosovo could be an independent state and an ally of Albania and the West! This duality is outrages but understandable. The West has shown in the past 60 years and so that they do everything as long as it is in their favour. Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, you name it. 
(Photo, top: Kosovo declared independence in 2008. The majority of the world do not recognize that as a country. Western countries of course do as that was their plan to weaken remaining of former Yugoslavia: Serbia. Even Iran, the country which aids Islamic groups, does not recognize Kosovo, the reason being they are Sunni Muslims!) 

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