Saturday, April 11, 2015

Workplace Stories (19): Tragedy for the Poor Guy?

I just wanted to briefly post this for myself: Newlywed is back and apparently he didn't leave because he wanted to. He left because he had to. One of his parents had been in an accident and died shortly before he reaches the homeland. It still could be a made up story but then I assume he's a better player than me. He was in Jeans and a white shirt when I said my condolences to him yesterday! Perhaps that's how East Indians mourn their loved ones and show their grief. I know almost every other nation wears black but whatever. He seemed very sad and we had a little chat. He's probably leaving but we'll see. I read that Hindus wear casual white clothing but he's not Hindu. He belongs to a small community but perhaps they share the same dress code for grieving because I had not seen him in that shirt previously. 

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