Monday, April 06, 2015

Abusing Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

One of the facts that Canada is so proud of is Charter of Rights and Freedom. The Charter starts in this manner:

1. The Charter guarantees the rights and freedom set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. 

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
a- Freedom of conscience and religion. 
b- Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including the freedom of press and other media of communication.
c- Freedom of peaceful assembly, and
d- Freedom of association.

The entire Charter is provided in this link here:

I have no studies in other countries similar law. Technically expressions such as above should be included in every country's Basic Law. However I think the freedom which is offered here and is indicated to be subject to reasonable limits is constantly abused. In fact it looks like someone has created such a soft law to encourage people to come to the country which for decades was not even known to the rest of the world and was suffering - and is still suffering - from lack of workforce. I give you a few examples of the work-force in Canadian soil, the temporary work-force which is frequently here and mainly because some asshole created this law that wandering people can go to Drop-ins or shelters and get free food and bed simply they are so fucking lazy to get themselves together and build a little life. So instead of them who wander around and look for cigarette buts and empty cans and bottles and time get in to scuffles which others and other members of the society and stab each other to death or similar nice acts, the country has to import temporary and permanent work-force similar to below: 

1- While in Edgar Farms in Innisfail, we realized that the crop is being harvested by Mexican workers!!!! Can you imagine that? Mexicans should be brought up here to central Alberta, more than 4700 Km away to harvest Asparagus. It means there are not a few people in the entire vast Province of Alberta and in the big country of Canada who is able or willing to clear a small Asparagus farm of its crop!!!

2- Golden Ear Bridge in Maple Ridge, British Columbia was constructed with a work-force mainly comprised of Eastern European labourers (I guess Polish)!!!!

3- Cargill Meat Solutions, a big food packing company in High River, Alberta now brings contact workers from The Philippines. It's a shock as truck loads of refugees and immigrants land in this country every month. I guess everyone wants to be a C. E. O. here! No labour job!

Apart from that every and each other part of this so-called Charter is abused in a way or two. Just last week I heard of a new law which suspends the driver license of the ones who are fined as a DUI, indefinitely. This actually is a brilliant law and this is what Canada needs to get rid of this trashes who kill people at every corner of the country each month and these fucking losers protested by saying that their rights would be violated if such law is in affect! I don't know if this law is in effect now or not but the Provincial Government should be tougher than this and change this country from a heaven for criminals to somewhere people have more respect for others and the law as well.
This Freedom of Religion or association is another one which is misused by the people. A good example of it was introduced in a previous post a few years ago: Polygamy! Also people come from all different backgrounds and do whatever they want to do and call it part of the new freedom given to them by their new homeland, Canada! The homeland they always try to evade its income tax and work around its law! This subject to reasonable limits is a very good part indicated in the Charter but is vague and creates many questions. But generally most of the law is that. I ran into this problem many times when I was studying for the N. P. P. E.. Canadian law as described in the main textbook is based on English Law and this is how it works: You have a case let's say in 1982 and it was reviewed, discussed and resulted in a verdict. This could be base for a current case and this type of law which is not enacted called Common Law. Discussion over the Charter could be written in hundreds of pages. That actually has given many the opportunity to whatever shit they want to do, as I've said over and over but this created many issues for the country in the past 20 years that newcomers have stepped in Canadian soil from countries which have a completely different culture and law system from the Canadian one. The fact is: You cannot run a country in 2015 and after with the law that you enacted in 1970's!
(Photo: Queen Elizabeth II is signing the Constitution Act in April 27, 1982 when Canada became a full sovereign nation. The Act includes the newly Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom presumably to attract more people to My Home and Empty [native!] Land [this is part of the National Anthem which is joked with, at times, pointing at Canada's population. It in fact has gone up in the past 10 years significantly. Thanks for the war-makers all around the world. Canada now is officially the trash can of the world. Everyone who's ass is kicked lands in Canada! From war refugees of Somalia and Sudan in Africa to war refugees of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in Middle East. After all that's what mainly Canada wants: Labour work-force! They don't need brilliant people. Tim Horton's McDonald's, Superstore, Wal-Mart, Dollarama, etc are the main businesses of this country and they welcome the people of the above countries with open arms!]. Pierre Trudeau, the then Prime Minister is seen at left. Looks like he's exhausted! He's extended his leg to stretch a bit or maybe he's kicking the Queen to remind her of something! It also look like it was a windy day!)

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