Wednesday, April 15, 2015

TSA's Unexpected Inspection

The Lady came back from a trip a few weeks ago. She brought so much good food and snacks from her trip, mainly the items you can not find them here. While we were looking into the suitcase to check the things, she suddenly found a piece of paper, not handwritten, a sort of printed note and we were both surprised. I probably not to the same level, but immediately realized what the story was. That was a note from Transportation Security Administration indicating that suitcase had been checked! There was a lock on the zipper and according to The Lady nothing has been misplaced. It was hard for her to believe that the TSA guys had opened and inspected the baggage but that was there and that was what they had said. Luckily the lock was still good. Apparently that opened it without difficulty and put it back in! They also indicate in the note that TSA would have not been responsible for any damage. Thanks that no damages had been occurred. 
I haven't had any issue with TSA guys in the few trips that I had to deal with them. Neither I had any issue with CBSA. I usually travel from lightly but that cannot always be a guarantee! 
I don't complain about that as long as everything is there and no damage has occurred. Even if a damage had been occurred, I would not have complained! These guys have to do their jobs to make sure no shit happens. For that they need to have access to everything. It actually is a very difficult job dealing with different people every day and it's a big responsibility too. Anything happens on-board, these guys should be asked as why they didn't their job properly to protect passengers. I can imagine how hard this job will be when travel season arrives although in a big country such as the US, the travel season is 12 months a year. You want to go from this side of the country to the other side, you are not driving unless you have lots of time! Not to mention patient and no care for the hours you have to sit still behind the wheel!
(Photo: A scanned copy of TSA note found in the locked suitcase when we first unlocked and opened it after we arrived home) 

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