Friday, April 03, 2015

The Chef and his Unlimited Disires

I've been in discussion with The Chef for the past 5 days or so in order to find out where we can go for hiking. He insists that he likes to join me but at the same time he does not to go very far away which requires us to stay in a hotel for the night. He keeps saying: We'll sleep in the mountains! I told him that even if we were allowed to sleep anywhere we wanted in the mountains(!), we'd be frozen to death! Poor ignoramus doesn't understand the simple facts.
Eventually the other day we again had a discussion and I explained to him about Wilcox Pass in Jasper National Park and he kind of liked it. As he's a big fan of eating and drinking (alcoholic beverages of course, that is what I mean) he insisted to go this East Indian food place in Downtown called Mirchi. Mirchi in Hindi or Urdu or both means Chili Pepper! And you know their food is very spicy. We got two small dishes and I guess they cost around $30 or something. He paid as he had invited. Mine was a kind of barbecued Chicken with of course special East Indian spices. There were probably as many as 6 pieces all together and they put a handful of old raw vegetable as side item or Salad! I know that these guys never eat war vegetable and barely eat any fruit. I don't know exactly why that is but The Mumbling Guy told me once that the fruit was very expensive in India and only a minor part of the population can afford that. The majority of the fruit is exported, he said. They of course serve the food with freshly backed flat bread which they make it here in front of you in the kitchen with the same hand they wipe their nose a second prior to that or get money from you! The Chef ordered a kind of Goat Stew which was tasty as well but I doubt it was Goat! This kind of meat is very scares and expensive in Canada. So it's as easy as a piece of cake for this guys to serve you any kind of meat they want and call it whatever is listed in the menu because how the hell the majority of customer would know that?! There is so much spices that you cannot tell Goat from Beef or anything else. Besides the majority of foreign national customers, as they have that kind of customer too, have never tried Goat. So they cannot tell either!
Chicken in front and in the back Goat Stew. You can see how disappointing the salad looks like. The small rectangular shape container is kind of sauce but was not good and tasted a bit old. After all this is East Indian restaurant. What do you expect?!
Anyways we had the same discussion again last night and this time he was in the mode of Crab and Lobster. The guy just has bought a $400,000 house with a buddy of his but is not concerned about his loan and mortgages! So we went to a local Superstore and he said: Let's get two Crabs and two Lobsters! I told him that would be too much and we ended up getting only two Crabs but they were huge, each easily a little over 950 g. The two cost $37.10 and $36.94, a total of $74.04 for two! He was a big shocked and I was too, maybe not as much as him but I guess something like that cost us around $50 last winter. We went home and while the Crabs were being cooked and we were drinking his favorite beer, Kokanee, talked about our hike again!
He, this time indicated that Jasper was too far and we should have done our hike somewhere closer. I explained to him a bit about Lake Louise and he was convinced that would be a good selection. 
We let the Crabs boil for some 15 minutes and then turned the heat down and let them cool off. Two whole crabs were not enough for two of us but we each had 3 tall can of Kokanee and I don't think we could easily eat more than that. 
For gear we went to a Value Village the other day before eating at Mirchi, I forgot to add and he bout a big winter jacket and a pair of boot. We assume he has the rest and we will be fine. 
(Photo, top: We let the crabs cool off after we cooked them. They were huge but not too meaty! One definitely is not enough for one person similar to us, if you want to eat it just by itself)

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