Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When East Indians are on Vacation

This experience is part of my Arizona road trip but because it was not planned or desired, it's not posted as part of the series. While at one of the attractions previously described, I bumped to an East Indian couple. The minute I saw them I realized were they were from. The guy stuck like dish of Curry and was dressed like a hobo. Many East Indians wear exercise pants on when they are out or in their place. It's much cheaper and they can buy it as used from a Value Village, Wal-Mart or similar store. It doesn't require ironing and barely they wash it. His accent the minute he opened his mouth you could tell he was from India but when I asked him where he was from he said Nevada!!
If he had been someone who is born from East Indian parent and raised here in, I would not have had any problem with his answer. But with that appearance, accent and smell, No way. he added that his parents were from Rajasthan when I asked him if he was from Jaipour! He either was so dumb or pretended to be clueless because even I know Jaipour is the capital of Rajasthan and my parents are not from anywhere in India, not that there's anything wrong with that!
During the tour I realized that he was taking pictures using a mobile phone. I am not a fan of smartphone and the new expensive phones that people use for almost everything in their daily life but at the same time I don't think when you're on a trip and a special tour, you should take photos using an old camera phone unless you're very cheap! The worst part was the smell! I don't know how the girl puts up with that but maybe her nostrils are filled with that! 
This motherfucker cheap stinking guy that I work with is quite similar. Once he was going to the States for a week of vacation and there was anyone in the company who didn't know he would be going on a vacation south of the borders! That's why I hate these people very much: Cheap but pretentious. They got nothing but claim to have everything!  

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