Sunday, April 12, 2015

Arizona Road Trip (12): A Glimpse at Lake Powell

Lake Powell, located between states of Arizona and Utah is an amazing place but I had not planned anything for this attraction. While staying at Page, I didn't get even close to the lake as the main two or three roads to the lake shore are toll roads and I was not sure weather paying for that would do me any good because I was not looking for a boat ride unless I could get a ride from them to do a hike similar to what we see at the beginning of Planet of the Apes movie from 1968. So because I had not planned, I didn't spend much time. I only used two viewpoint to get a few shots. I could go on foot all the way but it was not in my schedule. Maybe next time I have a trip to Utah, I would spend a few hours in the area.
View of a few properties, with Lake Powell in the back taken from a street in Lake Powell View Estates neighbourhood a few minutes away from Page
Just a few minutes from city of Page where you're about to leave state of Arizona and cross to Utah, part of the desert, I would call it, has been turned to a neighbourhood called Lake Powell View Estates. It might be hard to believe some people have chosen this place to live but that is true. All brand new luxury homes with luxury cars parked in their driveway. The view is not bad but nothing extravagant. I checked one of the realtor's sheets: A 0.5 Acre lot with views of the lake, Navajo Mountain and around is sold for less than US $90,000. I don't know what would be the cost of building a house in this part of the US but overall it doesn't seem too bad. Page has it's own local airport and it's at equal distance form two major cities of Salt Lake City and Phoenix. I assume that should be a good retirement place but I don't know. People look at different factors. Shopping is only 20 min. away and the city offers nothing else but the basics that almost every small town might have. 
The crew of movie Planet of the Apes back in 1967-68. The topless beard man is Charlton Heston the lead actor of the movie whom I assume is going through the script! I bought movie's DVD and enjoyed watching it.
(Photo, top: Lake Powell from a viewpoint close to the city of Page)

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