Friday, April 17, 2015

Workplace Stories (20): Mumbling Guy Almost Wets Himself!

This fucking stupid Mumbling Guy is a true piece of shit in every and each way. His wife got a contract job with one of the giant companies last year and the next day he started showing off:

1- My wife started as a contractor but they will make her an employee soon.
2- My wife just talked to her boss and she's going to ask her to pass on my resume to the related department manager and I will work for that company. My salary would be roughly $200,000, maybe more! 
3- The company my wife works for is a terrific company. She has this and that and such! 

This nonsense continued until last week around noon. This piece of crap's life is an infants in every way. If his lunch is late for 10 minutes, he'd like someone whose his vital shot is late! 
And if his food is different form the shit that he eats everyday, he'd be like a zombie, going bananas! Anyway I noticed in that specific day that he was not having his lunch and later, maybe after half an hour or so he appeared to be back, with his signature Wal-Mart coat on(!) meaning he had just come back to the office. He never goes out of the office at noon or any other time. The fact is he's glued to the chair most of the day unless something necessary is required. He said something to The Screamer and went to his room. 
At the end of the day he came to me and started: He had to leave the office to go and pick up his wife's stuff and drop her at the train station as she had been chopped! So that was what had happened! The dreams are all gone now! All the fucking nonsense he frequently repeated about his fabulous wife and her job is nothing now. He told how wonderful their life still would be and his wife's salary in the past year or so had not been spent! Not even a Penny of it! I didn't say that I didn't give a shit about his ugly piece of shit pretentious guy and their pathetic life but if he had been smart enough he should have been able to read that in my face! I showed that I was sympathetic while, as I mentioned, I didn't give a shit and in fact I was very happy! He said that the way he had been managing their finances, would make them able to keep the same life style for the next 2 to 2 and a half years. I didn't mention that he had said it before with this little difference that he had said 1 year. They say lairs have short memory! Then the motherfucker left. Another reason he was worried and I can see that in his work and talk almost every day is that the client of the project that we are working at the moment has given him a warning of some sort. He didn't tell me what the circumstances were under but said that there was something that he had never done and now they want him to do or he'd be out! So these days he's watching himself a lot and is nervous. With the job market being shit and all, he's scared to death as what he'd do with two kids, a woman out of work and a mortgage! 

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