Monday, April 20, 2015

Workplace Stories (21): The Scavengers

Many different types of food come to household during the year. Majority of them are bought and consumed. A small portion is given as gift or similar. This second part usually comes during Christmas season and New Year that food give-away in shape of gift is very usual. This is mostly seen at work so at times we bring it home. 
The Lady brought a small box of home-made cookies last Christmas and while we ate a few, the rest were left as they were distasteful, very unhealthy or simply not our kind of snack. There were still 4 to 5 cookies, two of them in shape of human, similar to Ginger Bread in the drawer until last week when I pulled it and saw them for maybe the twenties time in the past 4 months or so and decided to do something with them. I took them to work and put them in a small plate in the kitchen where everyone could see it. I know what would happen considering I know almost everyone's character's in the company now. There are people who eat whatever you offer them as long as it is free! I passed by the kitchen after an hour or so. There was no cookie in the plate but some cookie dust! The Scavengers had eaten all them up! Same nearly happens when there's a meeting or conference. If food is served during the break and something is left. They put them out or simply leave them on the table. The Scavengers attack and nothing will be left in a few minutes! They resemble Vultures. They appear on the carcass after big cats are full and left. They start their meal and after an hour or so nothing will be left of the carcass but bones and skin! 
(Photo: A group of vultures are having party over the left-overs of a stronger animal. This is exactly similar to our workplace people. I can even name them one by one but better not!)

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