Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Who's Paying for City Spring Cleaning?

This question might sound stupid. It's obvious that the people of the same city pay for it. That is done through property taxes and other incomes that the city has. Let's look at the City of Calgary's sources of income. It's funny that the services that we use on daily basis such as city cleaning (which rarely clean), parks, public transportation, pathways, etc is mainly paid by the losers who have purchased a property in this city because almost 42% of the income of the municipality is funded through property tax! Most of the cities in Canada has this spring cleaning in their schedule which is done normally in late March or early April although it's still not considered spring! 
With that in mind I had not used my car for 2 days I guess and I wanted to go for my jogging when I realized my car was not where I had parked it a day or two ago! I soon noticed that the street looks much cleaner than usual and recognized the problem: It had been towed! 
I immediately realized that I have a problem in my hand; I will have to go to city pond lot tomorrow and provide proof that it is my vehicle and get it out and for that I have to make a story up and sell it to the guys at work. Then I thought I should call parking enforcement. They should know. I tried the damn number with my mobile phone and heard all those nonsense messages and then they put me on hold due to larger than normal call volumes! 
Then I said I should try the same number with the land-line and I did. I immediately after dialing the number hit number 2 and a lady picked up! I explained what had happened and she asked for my plate number obviously. She came back after a few seconds and she said that my car had been towed only 3 blocks away from where it had been originally parked! I was surprised and happy at the same time that I would not have to go to the damn pond and waste time there. 
Interestingly the car was just parked a block away, in the same direction she had explained but shockingly I saw a ticket on the wiper! The City normally announces street cleaning with signs at least a week in advance but I didn't see anything the whole week. I looked around and this could be seen on many vehicles all on that block! Basically here we all contributed to that 5% which comes from fines partially and municipalities are normally good at it. I have to see whether I will be able to fight that or not. This ain't fair.
(Photo: This Pie Chart which is taken from City of Calgary website shows how different incomes are put together to complete city's revenue. The biggest from property tax!)

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