Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Arizona Road Trip (9): Grand Canyon to Page

I woke up very early as a few assholes who normally have no respects for others were making noise on their fucking way out of the motel. I guess it was 04:30. Tried to go back to sleep but in general didn't have a good sleep the whole night. It was cold even with two blankets I used! Went to the same McDonald's that I had tried the day before (obviously because that's the only one in the town) and realized that a large coffee was $2.99. So obviously the guy had not tried to take advantage of me but I'm surprised as it's always said that the food is cheaper in the US but maybe not a remote place similar to that! My destination was Page in north so headed towards the park and took Highway 64 towards east to get myself back to Cameron and head north. 
I had a short stop at the visitor center and their bookstore. In the visitor center I wanted to know about the trail which takes you to the river (Colorado River, of course!) and you can cross over from a metal bridge. This time I faced a fucking ugly piece of shit woman who obviously had hatred towards foreigners! I asked her about the trail and she trow a printed guide at me!! I was shocked by her behaviour but I dropped it as my word would not be bought against her. After all these people are mostly volunteers and the US National Park Service has to beg them to work there! I checked the bookshop (gift-shop) too. They have a variety of nice items but not in my price-range. I wanted to purchase a CD of Native people music as well as a lapel pin but didn't due to the prices. 
Had also a few stops at different viewpoint and because there was not clouds and it also was significantly less crowded, took a few good shots. 
I assume this should be Humphreys Peak but I could be wrong. Took it on Highway 64 heading east before reaching Cameron. The colour is not so great due to extreme light. I'm sure there would have been measures to take to make it better looking! 
I had a short stop at Cameron, quite similar to the one on my way to Grand Canyon and obviously didn't buy anything and then headed north on US 89, as stated earlier. The road was wonderful, full of photography opportunities which I used a few of them but unfortunately there was not many rest areas and the narrow road (2 lanes only, I believe) with soft shoulder at both sides, didn't allow me to park and check. After almost 1 hours driving I reached this intersection called Gap where a few shops and a gas station are located. nearby as usual, are Native people dwellings. At this point the GPS was directing me to go straight but the sign on the road was pointing at the right turn to be the road going to Page! I didn't know what to do! I was dependent on my GPS in the entire trip. At the same time, the sign could not be incorrect. I wanted to ask someone but considering the majority of the people around me were Natives who were giving me dirty looks, I decided not to! I would have been given a wrong direction and a shrug! So I followed the GPS and went straight through but just after a few hundred meters (Here again I'm using Metric in a country which its measuring system is Imperial!) I saw a sign which was partially covered! It was not showing the next destination which was Page, of course. I turned back and got myself to the right road but stopped to check my map. I didn't much by looking at the map and said to myself; What the hell?! Everyone's going that way and the sign is pointing to that direction. I'm going that way too!
I followed the road and as soon as I did that, the GPS went crazy by giving different messages! Apparently that reason was that it had not been updated in the past year. Nevertheless I didn't turn it off because I know it would finally get me to the destination by several recalculations! The good thing was I saw a US 89 Temp. after a few minutes of drive but no sign referring to Page the entire time! The GPS was even clueless when I almost entered the city and away from the motel just 15 minutes but eventually realized what his job is and took me there. 
(Photo, top: Frost on the windshield. I never expected to see that in Arizona. The night prior to this morning and the entire morning was so cold cost me a night sleep!)

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