Monday, April 13, 2015

Stupid and Disturbing Eating Habits

One of the things that I hate the most is the disgusting habits of eating that some people have and are very eager to proudly show them in the public! Here a list of them:

1- Eating while walking (Exactly like animals such as cow and goat on the field).
2- Eating every fucking shit that looks like food. There are plenty of them around.
3- Eating different things mixed together. I remember people having Coke, Milk, Orange Juice and Sprite all in their dinner tray where I have a post for it. 
4- Believing whatever nonsense these food companies say.
5- Eating with fucking nasty plastic fork and spoon.
6- Eating at the side of the street from the nasty stinking feces of food trucks like a fucking clueless, stray, homeless, ass.
7- Eating in the fucking vehicle (Where the fuck did this one come from!!!?)
8- Eating with hands and not caring about washing before eating. 

There's this movie called Food Inc. that I bought a little more than a year ago and it says a lot about food but it doesn't say much about eating habits. It's not that the eating habits in the old country are the best. They have their bad habits as well but that's where it's called Third World! You guys claim to be the smartest, civilized, and developed. 
In order to be fair I bring a few bad habits of eating in the old country here: 

1- Eating too much. Generally people serve and eat more than needed. Serving more than required is considered a value in the society and if one does not such, he or she is considered cheap!
2- Long gaps in between meals which encourages you to eat more at the quarter time. 
3- Low water consumption. Instead tea is drunk a lot but alongside disgusting cube sugar which is consumed excessively. 
4- Eating too much damn rice and bread. Bread is the worst. No Whole Grain and baked in the worst possible condition. Rice has only been the staple food in northern provinces close to Caspian Sea. My Mom told me once that they had rice only once or twice, at the most, in a week. Now it's consumed everyday and in two meals. No wonder why people's belly enters the room before they do!
5- Salad and raw vegetables is not considered a good and nutritious food. Forget about 5 times a day. people barely consume once a day unless it's a family party, especially now that people are struggling economically, I guess.
I thinks I covered a good part of what people do when it's come to eating. 
(Photo: I was on bus route # 100 to Hofgarten in Munich when this tall young German guy jumped in with his big sack and nasty disgusting McDonald's little box of shit-burger. While chewing on the piece of crap like a dirty pig, he was cleaning between his teeth and looking around like someone who is afraid of something!)

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