Monday, May 16, 2016

A Different Type of Interview

I was given to questions to study a day before my interview and then the third one was given to me half an hour before it! It was quite a surprise! If someone's ready, he or she doesn't need to have the questions be given to him or her days or hours before the interview and if he or she is not confident enough to answer the questions in a persuading manner, a day or half an hour would not help.
Nevertheless I prepared myself based on the previous work scenarios and then as soon as I saw the last question another story popped in my head and I was ready! I even had thought before the day that I don't need the questions be given to me before the interview time because I'm experienced enough and have participated in many interviews. As well I have communicated with different people for many many years and have experienced every different scenario. So I will be fine. 
My buddy, who wanted to help thought it would be a big deal but I was relaxed. So when I was escorted to the interview room by one of the interviewers, I was relaxed. The point was to be able answer all three questions with real work examples in 30 minutes! So what I did was I started telling my stories one after another and I allocated 10 min. to each. Simple as that! They were all taking notes and I at times looking at my watch to make sure I'm within the limit! There were four interviewers, two ladies and two gentlemen and they were all writing like maniacs the entire time of the interview except for the last 2 minutes! 
One of the ladies asked me why I had chosen this as my career after I finished my 30 min. and I gave two answers. Then the leader of the team gave a little bit of explanation as how the hiring process would go and asked if I had any questions. I told him that I didn't have any at the time and he said that question would pop up in my head the minute I step out of that room! I think when you say you don't have any questions it indicates that you are not so much interested in the position and you're just looking for a job to bring some money in to your pocket and then you will move on the minute you find a better position. I had read that previously but I didn't have anything in mind at the time and I wasn't expecting them to ask something like that because all I had prepared myself for was those two questions and a similar one which was given later but I don't think the last two question were key questions because I later the next day was notified that I would have passed the interview! It was a good news and even my buddy was a little bit surprised although he before leaving said: I'm sure you'll be successful, I remember clearly. I was a little bit nervous but then I got relieved but that only means that I have passed the 4th stage and there are still other stages to come but that was a crucial one. 
(Photo: Using this picture to simulate the interview scene: Four interviewers, two ladies and two gentlemen. The look on the face of that one on the right in not so friendly! I remember I shook hands with three after the interview and the same person who escorted me in, escorted me out and shook hands with me after a little chat. He was a nice gentlemen, the very same one that I had a chat with in the extra station of the fitness test)

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