Thursday, May 26, 2016

Disappointment in Last Days on Mars

I always liked science-fictions and particularly the ones which the story takes place in space. If I like the movie I buy the DVD and add it to my collection. Well I used to do that when I had a job! Now I'm fucked. I don't do these fancy things any more! Last Days on Mars was on my list for a long time until I saw it a Calgary Public Library location and I borrowed it. I thought that if it was good, I would buy the DVD when I am employed. The result was disappointing! I watched it only once and I returned it and I know that I wouldn't want to watch again or buy the DVD.
The story is not good. It's something that has been told maybe several times and there's nothing new in it. The acting is even below average and what else? It's just not a movie that takes you with it!
There's a group of astronaut on mission. There's around 19 minutes left of the time they have to stay on Mars and all of a sudden one of them who is out doing something falls in a hole! He's working on some tool or something and the ground opens its mouth and swallows it down!
The other people go out to find him and then the third person realize that he and the second person are infected and became zombies!
That was one I said: Shit! Another stupid zombie movies, this time in space! The rest of the movie is pretty much similar to every zombie movie you have watched so far: The others get infected one after another and they, in turn, attacked the remaining ones and infect them as well!
The stupid part is that a rescue ship comes and the crew get killed in a matter of a minute although the only survivor calls them several times on the radio and warns them of the potential danger!
The story ends with the survived guy going to the rescue ship and facing one of the zombies. He fights him and manages to kick him out to the space while he gets injured himself. These last minutes or so are copied from Alien and Prometheus with little differences. The survivor sends a message to the control center and notifies them of his situation just like Ripley does. He manages to kick out the zombie astronaut out just like Ripley does at the final minutes of Alien and there are so many other similarities but the quality of everything is just simply low: Acting, story, cinematography, editing, you name it.
I wouldn't recommend this movie at all. Some movies worth watching once. This doesn't. Just like that stupid movie we watched in theater last year: Monuments Men. That was shit too! Or that silly B. Pitt movie: Fury. That was very disappointing too! So my advice is don't waste your time or money or both on this movie. Find something better to do. 0.5 star out of 5 and that is only because they tried to make a movie and they failed miserably!
(Photo: This scene is from the last minutes of the movie. The survivor is in a rover with another astronaut and the rover is low in power. They stop and they fell sleep. When he wakes up, doesn't see his partner, a woman astronaut whom was previously stabbed with a pair of scissors with a zombie astronaut. She realizes that she was changing so she left the rover on foot. The survivor follows her to save her but realizes that she has mutated. They have a little conversation and she attacks him unwillingly. He finds no option rather than killing her, although I don't know how that is possible because according to the other scenes, zombies are impossible to be killed. He smashes her a few times with a rock, as seen in this scene. What the director and write(s) forgot here in the movie which led to a big gaff is that due to the size of Mars, the gravity is much less on Mars. So these guys would most likely walk much differently on Mars compare to what's shown in the movie! Big, big difference!)

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