Friday, May 06, 2016

Why Wood?

For decades Canadians and also Americans have been destroying nature in their countries and has no intention to stop, looks like it. They destroyed forest and replaced them with homes, called it DEVELOPMENT! Simply because development make money. It make money for municipalities and creates job. That's what's important: Money. Everything else is just not important. They destroyed the environment and consequently the wildlife and then they started wildlife conservancy organizations! They destroyed forests, millions of trees to build houses and to this day I still have not understood why they had to make homes out of wood!!! If you go to Lower Mainland part of British Columbia, where it is also called Metro Vancouver, they have destroyed, I don't know how trees and have replaced them with homes, stores, roads, etc. In fact the majority parts of Coquitlam is a few hills where once were full of trees and wildlife and these animals of Government of Brit-SHIT Columbia destroyed them to make sources of income for themselves. 
Love of Canadians: Barbecue! There's barely any house without one! Here is apparently the remaining of a dwelling. The barbecue and its cylinder seems to be functioning. I bet the owner is very happy to see that!
Same story everywhere else in Canada where there was a forest. In northern Alberta they cut hectares of trees to extract Oil Sand ore, build roads and refineries. That's where Town of Fort- McMurray is located. 
The Mother Nature said, just a few days ago: You destroyed the nature as much as you could. That sounds like was not enough and you seemed tired of destruction. Now I'm going to help you! She started destroying the town and all around it! They are now say that the area under fire is even bigger that the area of City of Calgary and doesn't seem that it will stop soon. People had to leave without being able to take anything! After the fall of oil price in mid-2015 now there's another hit to the province and its residents and businesses. I heard that a few oil producers had to shut down their operation due to lack of enough work-force or safety issue. But I also was thinking to myself. If you make most of the buildings, particularly houses and condominiums out of wood, you are very close to forest and you live in a province such as Alberta which heat could be a problem in summers, shouldn't you have a sort of plan, protection or prevention? Because if you don't this will happen!
Forest is burning in northern Alberta near the town of Fort McMurray. Bad, is turning to worse and soon to worst.
With such a huge fire in the area, I don't think the houses and businesses had much chance if they were made out of concrete or brick but still it would have been better. I guess one of the other reason that they use wood is it's faster and as I was told once, it protects from extreme cold much better but is it worth using wood? I bet they will never change that because they are simply stubborn! Just like many other things that many societies believe in that for generations and never want to change it. Still I think Canadians are thoughtful and one day might think of better way to protect their homes from burning to ground in a matter of an hour! 
(Photo, top: Houses are burnt in Fort McMurray to their foundations, the only part which is not made of wood! Extreme heat has bent metals as it can be seen! The lawn in the back seems to remain intact! Many town which some became a city later used to be called names starting with Fort. A fortification to protect European settlers from Native people as we now that European forced Natives our of their lands and killed many. Even Calgary used to be called Fort Calgary and the remaining of the actual Fort Calgary still exists to this date and has been turned to a type of museum and we visited it)  

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