Saturday, May 21, 2016

Overreacting Over a Small Thing

I never like this J. Trudeau guy. Never. even before he was selected Prime Minister. Generally the policies of The Liberals are what I mostly don't like, except for the time they said No to Americans when they wanted Canada to be part of The US Collision Force to Oust Saddam, although I was in favour of that! I didn't vote for them in the last election, almost six month ago but this time I believe he's being a victim in this Parliament stupid scene! 
He walked to his colleague to take him back to his seat. That's the first part of the story. Many say that was wrong or bullshits such as " I had not seen something like that in 12 year in the House " !!! So fucking what idiot? Now you see it! The guy was supporting his team member. I had never seen too many women with headscarf in the more the past 15 years that I've been living in Canada. Now I see it. So what? The time has changed, idiot. The way Trudeau handles his cabinet and his team today is different from the way his father did a few decades ago. The pass of time demands change. 
Then the guy accidentally hits a woman who was standing there and watching. Completely unintentional. The woman is fine. Just a little shocked. The Prime Minister goes to apologize to her and finds she had left. Then he apologizes to everyone, the woman MP, the House, his colleagues, everyone, several times. Get over it. It's done. 
These fucking idiots now make a big deal of it. The whole time of the House the next day is spent on childish, immature nagging of bunch of idiots who instead of working on the country's numerous problems waste the time on this unintentional accident. Why? Isn't that because they're incapable of handling the issues and want to distract the public and the House from the real issues?! 
And what happened to equality of women and men that you brag about a lot in this country? What if the Prime Minster had elbowed a man? Would that have been this much nonsense about it?! Grow up you useless idiots of NDP and everyone else who hasn't let this problem go. You're the true meaning of immature and that NDP woman whom I don't even know her name and don't care what it is: You're nothing but a crying phony. 
(Photo: Trudeau is seen in this photo, taken from a clip,grabbing the arm of his teammate and trying to pull him away from a bunch of NDPs. The woman, the crying wolf and the phony who is trying to take advantage of this unintentional incident is not seen here. In fact she's on the right side of Trudeau behind two other people a man and woman but you can see her ponytail. What a useless piece of garbage!)

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