Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Dreadful Drive back to Calgary

Here's what I'd like to say about the two times I drove back from Okanagan Valley area to Calgary through Highway # 97A and Highway # 1. I left the area both of the time, late. I don't remember what time I left the first time but the second time I left after our unsuccessful hike to Brent Mountain, around probably 13:00. Both of the times I stopped so often to take photos or just simply stretch my legs. It hurt a lot. I especially had a problem with the left knee which I injured at the end of our hike to Wasootch Peak. It would hurt so bad that I had to pull over and walk for a few minutes to ease it off. The other problems are first of all, I don't drive fast because I don't have a fast car and I would never buy a fast car because I'm not simply into speed. 
It was raining most of the time when I left Summerland in the first time and continued until I reached Lake Louise. In that section of Highway # 1 the rain turned to snow and it was so fast that I had to slow down to 40 Km/h in order to see! It was raining heavily in the second time too. Just a few stops in between. The good thing was both of the times it was a weekday and not many passengers were on the road. In the second time when I passed Canmore I realized that I was low on fuel and had to make a u-turn and go back to Dead Man's Flat to fill up! That was scary and stupid, both. The highway is ill-lit and I really was struggling with the road even worse than the first time, I don't know why! I never timed myself but I guess it took way longer than 07:40 hour that is indicated in Google Maps
(Photo: part of City of Vernon besides Kalamakla Lake. I took this on my first trip back to Calgary. Very beautiful place) 

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