Friday, May 20, 2016

No Longer a Candidate

I went to the same office for the second time a few days ago, this time to do Voice Stress Analysis. I had a little chat with an administrative lady and she gave us a whole speech. One of the girls that I had seen during the physical test session was there and she sounded like she was over-excited for this shit! I love this, I love that and all these kind of shit that these people repeatedly use (!) was coming out of her mouth continuously! Then we were greeted by two men in their late 60s, I would say. They took us to separate rooms. The guy introduced himself as a police officer who was on the force for years and then was offered another job. Now he said teaches to everyone in mostly the US to how to find liars! He asked me to tell me my story and I told him almost everything from the beginning to the date that I asked for this position and then he started asking me questions after he attached a microphone to my shirt. 
That was supposed to detect any change in my voice pattern, if I lied. I finished that and then he wished me good luck, shook hands with me and I left the room. He said that he wouldn't say if they should hire me or not. He just tells them the result of that test. Whatever that means! I also realized that the girl was let go a few minutes before me. I heard her coming out of the room, talking to her interviewer. I spent a few minutes in the office with lady discussing the documents and left. 
When I checked my e-mail the next morning back at home, I saw this e-mail saying that my qualifications did not completely match the position! They offered to give me a feedback on where I screwed up in Jun.01. I talked to A. F. and then The Mumbling Guy later, even Newlywed. The first two believe that it had been the fucking guy, The Screamer, whom I had introduced as my reference, who fucked it up. According to The Mumbling Guy he was asked question which for me to pass he should have given at least 70%. He said he gave them all 90% to 95%. It's very likely that the Screamer gave less than 70% for a few but we'll see in Jun.01. A. F. said that once the same thing happened with another guy and then they called him back later in month but I don't think that would be the case with mine. It's not the end of the world or something. I mainly applied for that job because first of all I was tired of being unemployed, secondly I wanted to leave this neighbourhood and then I told myself that I can apply for a better position in 3 years but here I am now. I have to work harder, no doubt. I start career searching again today. 

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