Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Sort of Physical Fitness Test

I was supposed to be at the local arena at 14:15 but I didn't have much to do except for a little driving around and some photography. So I went to the arena just to check when they will start. Then walked around a little bit and took a few photos and then went in finally. There were quite of number people, mostly Caucasians. There were one Asian and I think 3 Pujabis. There were also a number of girls, maybe 5 or 6. People were mainly from 23 and up with a few exception. I was among the oldest maybe with a few more. The majority of guys were out of shape! Some with big bellies and no muscles! There was one tall young guy whom I jokingly said that I would go to NBA, instead of applying for this job! He laughed and he said he played Basketball but then he said that he would have made more, had he gone to NBA! I told him about the Canadian who played for Chicago Bulls and won to title and couldn't remember his name at the time! He said he had been born around those years! There was another guy, a very big one who seemed to be in law enforcement business, particularly when I saw the RCMP logo on his shirt. I asked him whether he was a member and he said that he was a civilian member. 
There were as many as maybe 10 to 15 members whom were taking care of each part of the test. One officer specifically explained everything in detail and answered the questions. I had done this sort of fitness test earlier back in 2008 or around that year twice but I was nervous for no reason! Maybe I was nervous because of my age! I practiced a little when they gave us the chance and then I realized that they were calling from a list not randomly. 
The first person was a tall Caucasian guy with his belly showing under his T-shirt. He had an earring to his left ear, I remember and running pants on and looked very serious and was frowning all the time. I didn't pay much attention to what he did after starting but there were people who were clapping and shouting to encourage him, especially a few girls(!) but I soon noticed that he had to stop and could not finish the test at the last station. Too bad. There were a few other guys who did it easily and a few with difficulty but two girls I remember failed. One was a fat girl who tripped over one of the hurdles and injured her knee, the poor thing. I thought she would have difficulty passing when I saw her first. Then there was another girl, this one Caucasian too who had dressed like an athlete but failed at the last station. 
I started with slow and then medium pace and finished the first and second stations easily. I know the audience were not very impressed but I heard them chanting! The 3rd station was quite easy and then the last one I didn't have a problem at all! Done! I believe my time was 02:17. There was another officer whom I had a chat with in the extra station. I was told that I had a minute to take a rest and I used that to chat with him. 
I stayed a few more minutes after the test because I was let know about the next step, the interview. I then watched a few guys doing the test and now that I had passed gave a few advises and guided people but that was genuine although they were all my competitors, I didn't mind telling them how to pass. 
(William " Bill" Wennington, originally from Montreal here is seen in front of an opponent, won three titles with Chicago Bulls in the 90's. I chose his picture here for this post because he is the only important person mentioned in this story. While apologizing to him that I was not able to recall his name when I was talking to that fella, I hope he doesn't mind me using his photo here)

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