Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fighting for a New Challenge

I'm back to the business of job searching again, after I was turned down last week and I'm trying to apply for anything and everything. I sent my resume for this position posted by this very famous company with the hope that something comes up after all these tries of mine in the past 6 months or so. I received an e-mail the next day with a few questions. This part is very easy to handle as I'm good at writing although this is my second language.
Then the lady sends another message to me and wants me to have a chat. I don't mind it. I head out for a local library on foot and then I say to myself what if she calls here and I need to check things on my resume?! I can open my resume in the library but I can't talk about a position in front of everyone! So I start going back to home and while I'm going up the stairs, the telephone rings. After the greeting I manage to get in to the apartment, before the real conversation starts and open my resume. I realize that I don't need that after a few questions are asked but in case something is directly asked from the resume, I'm ready. Besides I'm in my room not in a public library. 
I manage to answer all of the questions in a convincing way that she says that I would have to talk to my prospective manager and his aid, a guy that I didn't like his name when she said it, somewhere down in the US next week. This position is permanent according to her and by the name of the company and the exports thry have had in the past 50 years or so, I could say that but it's a little strange that in this economy these guys' business is still fine. That was the case with the other company that I had an interview with in last December and that fucking bastard Chinese, I know, turned me down! I have a telephone conference number to dial and talk to him. I will. 

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