Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Disgusting Slaves of the British

The ridiculous Liberal suck-ass Party of Canada won the election last winter and this puppet, the silly J. Trudeau with his mumbling speeches and fake, stupid smile became the Prime Minister! What a freaking phony! Well people are going to regret that but as a freaking fooling gesture what this guy did was hiring a few fools of slave nation of Sikhs as his cabinet ministers! 
For many that don't know the fucking British invented Sikhism as their Divide and Rule policy in Indian sub-continent so they could destroy the country and loot their whatever they had! They divided the country to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. These fucking Sikhs then became the soldiers of the disgusting British Empire so wherever these British assholes invaded, these fucking brainless slaves were in the front. 
The nasty British invaded Iran in 1914 from the port city of Bushehr in Persian Gulf and in south there was where the brave Iranians under the leadership of Rais Ali Delvari fought against the British and their stupid, brain-washed army of nasty Sikhs. 
Sikhs, whom also like to be called Punjabi while you could be Punjabi but not a Sikh live in groups in northeastern Calgary as well as a few other neighbourhoods in Canada. It's estimated some 500,000 of them live in Canada here are seen going to their local temple in packs.
With that little piece of history in mind I was in northeastern part of Calgary last week where a big population of, now slaves of Canada, Sikhs live! I realized that an unusual number of them are seen on the streets and sidewalks and a few roads are blocked and police trucks and cruisers are seen on the streets with their beacon flashing. I first wondered what was going on while I remembered that I had seen postings of Sikh Parade the earlier week! So what these guys where doing was just putting clean cloths on, covering their heads and walking in groups on the sidewalks. There's a temple of them in the neighbourhood. I assume they were marching to the place which I've been to once, just to see what they do inside and how it looks like. These people think they're way better than anybody on the earth! If you go to fucking Surrey in British Columbia they're even worse. They have their own gang which is responsible for most of shootings in that city as well as drug dealing and all other sorts of illegal activities. Then they have their temple there as well and you see all these nonsense, stupid, selfish remarks such as Sikh is unique and Sikh pride, on their vehicles! I haven't been to any of their temples in Surrey but I read that they have the photos and posters of Sikh terrorists, probably the ones who killed innocent civilians in India as well as Air India Flight 182 in there as martyrs! I also remember that British Columbia's Premier once left the Sikh annual parade because she was concerned about Sikh extremism. These disgusting politicians all attend the Sikh annual parade and other gatherings of them because they are seeking their vote. They don't care whether innocent people have been killed by these savages or not. They're looking for the votes as well as cheap labour! Nasty, filthy people, who think they're better than anyone! What a bunch of shit-head animals! 
A point-man, British slave who has recently been appointed as the Minister of Defense of Canada! I'm grateful that the responsibility of defending this nation is the easiest job that one could do otherwise we would all be screwed!
Now they have brought this soldier from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the office in Ottawa and he looks clueless! This disgusting creature doesn't even speak English properly! A Point-man who is just a display. His fucking stupid, disgusting Prime Minister once said that they were not in fight with ISIS and I guess they pulled back Canadian bombers, even. Perhaps we're not in fight with ISIS because ISIS is created by our great neighbour and closest ally, the US and we're not going to fight the friends of our friends! Right? And this British slave once said: Canadian should not be worried about ISIS. And I say in response: Yes! He's right! I guess we have a deal with our American friends to keep ISIS from our land. In response we have to be worried about Sikhs who their population is growing rapidly and they are ruining every industry that they are getting into! 
(Photo, top: Disgusting, slave Sikh point-men of nasty British forces with their slave masters. These disgusting human-like creatures were introduced to a fake so-called religion and fought for the British for a meal or two in the day wherever the British invaded and wanted to destroy that country)

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