Thursday, May 19, 2016

Attempted Brent Mountain

We finally get ourselves on the trail to the summit of Brent Mountain but we didn't reach it! It was a surprise to me that no one knew about this mountain! I even went to a BC Tourism office in Summerland and there were two girls who reacted like that was the first time they were hearing that and it actually was!
The good thing about this buddy of mine is that he wakes up early. He's not like the other lazy ass who I went to Bow Hut once and other hikes! We met at the parking loot of Apex Mountain carpooling in Penticton at 06:00 and headed west. It's interesting that everyone knows about Apex Mountain because it's a local ski resort. We drove through an Indian reserve which looked like all of the other ones that I had seen before: Rundown houses, old cars, trucks and even buses, all other sorts of junk. The road is Green Mountain Road and it really is green and beautiful and then we get to a logging road. 
That's were we apparently made a mistake. We missed our exit which was a road to our right and we went further west and then made the turn. I parked on a shoulder and we walked up for 2 hours or so until both of the roads (or paths) that we took ended! I suggested to go through the forest or go around it but my buddy, A. F. said we would not be able to make it through the forest or we would get lost.
We headed back down and we went back to Penticton. He later told me that he checked with someone and apparently the active logging road was the one that we had to take. He now has the information and if I go there again, we will do that.
(Photo: This is the second path we took and was dead-end! I was hoping to reach that rocky section on the top left corner of the picture but the road ended too soon and then we headed back down to the vehicle)

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