Saturday, May 07, 2016


Trying new things at this side of the world got me a few days ago to get a couple of Guavas. They were small, the size of a Walnut and one were green to yellow and the other one was green. I washed them both and cut them open easily with a knife. The yellow one was ripe and delicious and although the fruit has seeds, like Grape, they are not bad and you can either chew them, swallow them or spit them. Farzin liked it too but Mom didn't like it because of the seeds. The next one was not ripe but we ate it anyways! I know how to peak them up, if I ever see them in a store, of course because they are not like available everywhere. 
My thought originally was that they are originated in India because that's how the name sounds just like Goa! but then I read a little about it and learnt that they were from South America originally.
(Photo: The couple of Guavas that we tried. Different type are cultivated with different colours and tastes but not available much in Canada)  

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