Sunday, May 15, 2016

Exaggeration of Fort McMurray

Town of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, the town which had been established for oil production in the area partially burnt, people had to be evacuated and some have lost their houses. So what? Now Canadians understand what the true meaning of loss means. They really needed that lesson. And now from everywhere money is pouring that that city! Well good. Thanks. Rebuild the city and help them to get back to get to their normal life. But is Fort McMurray the only part in Canada that needs help? There are parts of the country which have struggling with poverty, crime, unemployment, suicide, you name it. How much help do those guys receive? 
Besides those guys in Fort McMurray all make good money. From the one who works for Subway, to oil-patch worker, inspector, etc. Now they have to spend a little from their own pocket to rebuild the city the loved so much! Government helps too. So they should be no problem.
This is mostly a political game. All these people in charge, from Premier to Prime Minister, Fire Chief, etc. they want to come out as a winner and engrave a name for themselves and guarantee their position. Otherwise they wouldn't make a big deal out of this. 
Besides if they cared so much about their beloved city in north, they wouldn't have built the entire city out of wood and only a few meters from a vulnerable forest. Would they? But I guess they were so excited about the money they would earn by the oil that told themselves: Lets built a shity town and bring people here and make them work. They make something and build a life, we make millions and the Government will tax them. Everyone will be happy! Hallelujah!
(Photo: A picture speaks a thousand words! What is that the Prime Minister trying to understand by looking inside a burnt vehicle!!? Not being rude but isn't this stupid? But I have to mention this that he postponed his trip to the area just to now. It was smart of him not to show up in the first 2 weeks. That's appreciated but this photo is not!)

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