Monday, September 11, 2006


I and Hodani went to a Superstore Sat. night to get crab for our dinner. It’s an expensive meet but compare to lobster it’s actually half price! You can get them live while their claws are kept tight by elastic bands. The first one Hodani chose was a very big one and about 1.3 Kg and the other one a little more than 930 g. We needed a big pot because the way you cook crab is basically boiling it in a tub. So we headed Wal-Mart to find something that helps. All the kitchen appliances we found over there, were expensive and I would not use them very often. Therefore I bought an oval-shaped container for just over $11.
The easy part of the process is cooking it because all you do is you take the legs and claws off, clean inside the body from guts and put it in the boiling water. It took about 20 min. to be cooked. Then the hard part of the game started. Hodani used a nut-cracker I gave him to break the guard-like skin of the crabs and take the meat out. I fired three eggs and we had pita bread and cans of Kokanee bear (We bought a 6 pack of 473 ml). At the beginning I thought that wouldn’t be enough but we barely finish the whole meal! Hodani was having the meat without bread at the end! And I was completely full. It’s very soft meat like shrimp but the taste is different, of course. You easily can tell it’s not shrimp. And of course shrimp is much easier to have esp. here because all you do is you take the tail off and fry it with spice or any other way you like. But I think there are still people who spend their time on a crab to have a healthy dinner. Otherwise you wouldn’t see those big fish tanks in Superstore and other shops as well.
(Photo: Hodani holds the big crab before it's boiled for dinner. The scale showed it's a little more than 1.3 Kg! Its claws are tied using elastic bands as you see)

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