Thursday, September 07, 2006


It’s been five years since those attacks were lunched on the US soil but seems people like to use that in almost everything of their daily life, something as a hobby. You know how some people smoke everyday or booze themselves or - being a little moderate - exercise or read a book. 9/11 and all those fake stories are some peoples’ daily amusement. Everyone now knows that all that has done by the US Government and Al-Qaeda, Taliban and all those motherfucker, Arab, Pakistani and Afghan criminals have been  supported, trained and supplied by Americans.
But in a way some people like to fool themselves and stick to stupid stinky craps like miracle, religion, faith, bible, the Lord (!!) and all that kind of shit which is even less useful than somebody’s poop in toilet.
CBC had a report on 9/11 tonight and in that Peter Mansbridge was interviewing a Canadian guy who’s believed to be one of the few survivors of 9/11 in southern tower of World Trade Centre in New York City.
What the guy was saying was so stupid that I wondered why we still have such a nut here in North America. I mean I know there’re millions of them but this one was really a nasty one. He said that a fellow colleague of him was on the phone in the south tower talking to someone in Chicago when he saw a plane is approaching him!! The plane was about near Liberty Statue he said and a bible was open on the guy’s desk! So what happened is he quickly threw himself on the floor and got beneath the desk and said: “Lord! I’m in your hands!” I was about to vomit when he reached this part of his story! Then the plane crashed a few stories below him and the right wing destroyed his room. He was still alive and managed to escape! This could be used as a joke in a circus.
Then he gave the audiences a short version of his miraculous escape from the tower. He said that after the tower was hit by the plane and blaze and smoke made breathing impossible, he was relaxed because bubbles of air were around him and he simply could breathe and find the exit!!
The only thing that guy deserves is first to be beaten to death and then being diced and used as food for dogs. Because there are naïve people who believe that kind of bullshit and that brings up problems in the society. Those fucking morons will then tend to apply a fucking religion to every aspect of life and that’s what fucks up a nation really bad. Something has being happened in Islamic countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on.

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