Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Emergency Calls

I always wondered how everyone’s emergency call all around North America, a vast area with a population of more than 300 million can be directed. No matter where you are and what you need, in terms of emergency, you only dial one number and that is 911. So I thought it’s better to find out ‘cause I don’t wanna leave anything unsolved and uncertain for me. I waited until an opportunity popped up and it happened in the previous place where I used to live with a big, noisy family. Once I was at home and I heard them yelling and shouting. It was getting worse and sounded like they were beating on each other! I was really enjoying that because they never cared about their neighbour. Then the kids joined them and they started crying very loudly and they were howling and screaming. Obviously the parents were beating the shit of each other and the kids were worried. So what I did was I just grabbed the phone and dialled 911! I started reporting on them and told what was goin’ on. The guy asked me to hold on so he could direct me to the police. That was where I learnt how emergency line works. Then someone else started asking me questions and also getting personal information from me. I asked him not to tell them I reported and the officer agreed. Only few minutes after my call they were so quiet that you wouldn't believe. It was like standing in a graveyard! That was a good lesson for them! The next time was just prob. a months ago or a little more. I was at home and for a reason I was angry and got out and saw a guy was urinating across the street where there’s a yard-like area of a car dealer. A few girls, all teenagers, I guess was sitting in a car nearby and were joking around. I was hoping mad but I don’t know why I did not rush to him! I might have if that was a girl doing that. I just dialled the number and started talking. The lady told me that she had to transfer me to a non-emergency call as I could not use an emergency line for that. I said: “So you’re saying that everyone can urinate in front of my place and I should say nothing!?” The mistake done by me was that I didn't take those fuckers’ number plate. But you know they were just very young kids and I’d prob. do the same if I was at that age! They were actually afraid when saw me on the phone and stormed towards them ! But I guess they had friends here in this neighbourhood or something. You actually expect everything in rental neighbourhoods! But why I’m telling this story is because people are really afraid of the cops and 911 here. I mean the people who have problem like smoking weed, drinking, violence, divorce, bad relationship, offence and that kind of crap. There was a girl in the unit downstairs, just a single very young cute girl but her friends, her cousins (as she said once) and her boyfriend (as I found out) used to hang out in there, drinking, smoking pot and partying. Once early in the morning, at about 01:00 I heard a noise and woke up. Then I looked though the window and saw people are chasing each other and screaming while one was lying in the middle of the street! Then I saw one of them was running after the other one while holding a camera phone in his hand! Totally nuts! I was gonna call the cops but I thought that could make my file just thicker ‘cause every time you call them, they keep your record. So I just got back to sleep. When I told her a few days later about my decision, the cute girl was afraid! She prob. thought that I’d report on her and she’d be in trouble. Then that was yesterday. I was just got home and was making myself something in the kitchen when I heard someone’s screaming! I looked through the window and saw a big Canadian woman is walking in and out in the front building’s lobby. Then there was a young black girl. I asked her if she heard anything and she said yes she did. I told her that I was gonna call the cops and then the Canadian woman showed up. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes and said that was not her screaming! He then said something to the other girl that couldn't be heard from where I was standing. She called her and said: “This fellow is gonna call the cops” I then stayed there for a few seconds and then rushed back to my building, pretending that I’m calling 911! People who do bad things, illegal things are really afraid ‘cause they now the cruiser shows up in a min. if the right emergency call is put.

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